Pump Trucks

When using a pallet racking system, you will need an effective way to manoeuvre the pallets throughout the production flow. For businesses and companies with limited space in their respective storage facilities, forklifts and other large machinery are not the most suitable options, both in terms of cost and space available. At Midlands Shelving & Racking, we offer a range of pump trucks for different sizes and uses, depending on your stock profile.

We offer a range of manual and electric pallet trucks to suit your needs as well as your budget. Utilising a pallet truck within your production process provides you with a low maintenance, manually operated and cost-effective alternative within a commercial or warehouse pallet racking system.

The blades of the pallet trucks simply slide under the pallet and lift it sufficiently off the ground to make movement possible. They’re a useful and slender addition for moving loads and products manually around facilities, eliminating the need for stronger and cumbersome machinery.

From wide, long, standard, or short pallet trucks, Midlands Shelving & Racking are a leading supplier in the West Midlands, and we are here to help increase your storage solution to the maximum efficiency.

Yellow Standard Pallet Truck
Red Mini Pallet Truck

Pump trucks specification

Midlands Shelving & Racking supplies a range of heavy-duty torsion-resistant steel frames that come powder-coated for a high-quality finish. Each model is equipped with a hydraulic pump for ease of loading and unloading pallets. Our pallet truck’s hydraulic pumps also come fitted with an overload protection valve for added safety.

All our pump trucks come equipped with guide wheels for increased manoeuvrability in accessing pallets. We currently stock:

Manual pallet trucks:

  • Standard Pallet Truck
    • Ideal for everyday use with a load capacity of 2500kg. Suitable for Europallets and UK pallets.
  • Adjustable Pallet Truck
    • Ideal for applications where more than one type of pallet is used or special-sized pallets. Load capacity of 2200kg.
  • Weighing Pallet Truck
    • A pallet truck with a weighing scale with a load capacity of 2200kg. Works from a rechargeable battery pack.
  • Mini Pallet Truck
    • Designed for light to medium use with a load capacity of 500kg. Compact and lightweight, ideal for small pallets.
  • Heavy-Duty Pallet Truck
    • Made from high-grade steel, suitable for all types of warehouses and agricultural use. Load capacity of 2500kg.
  • Long Reach Pallet Truck
    • Equipped with extra long forks for handling special pallets, long loads or two pallets simultaneously. Load capacity of 2000kg.
  • Printer’s Heavy-Duty Pallet Truck
    • Short forks make it ideal for half size or shorter pallets, typically used in printing and flooring industries. Load capacity of 2500kg.

Electric pallet trucks

Our electric pallet trucks are perfectly suited for situations where safely lifting and transporting goods is a priority.

  • Semi-electric pallet truck
    • Compact pallet truck with electric drive for easy handling and requires minimal maintenance. Load capacity of 1500kg.
  • Heavy duty pallet truck
    • Equipped with a smooth stop-less speed control with 7-8 hours of battery power. Load capacity of 2000kg.
  • Medium duty pallet truck
    • Lightweight, small yet robust, designed for horizontal movement of pallets. Load capacity of 1500kg.
  • High lift pallet truck
    • Designed to eliminate back strain when loading or offloading pallets by hand. Complete with a scissor action to lift pallets up to 800mm. Load capacity of 1000-1500kg.

Benefits of Using a Pump Truck


Using a pallet pump truck in your production process can increase efficiency. They can be stored under pallets or shelving systems out of the way to create additional space and to adhere to safety regulations in keeping gangways and aisles clear.


A pump truck is a relatively simple device to transport one or more pallets without having to use a forklift, helping to improve employee safety as well as helping to reduce the risk of employee injuries.


A cost-effective alternative to forklifts, pump pallet trucks are a simple and efficient method of handling goods. At Midlands Shelving & Racking, our pallet trucks come in a variety of options, designed to your specifications.


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