The Different Types of Shelving

Whether you’re looking to create a storage solution for your warehouse or storage room, there’s an array of shelving options available, each equipped with a unique feature or specific purpose.

Shelving offers a practical and simple solution to storing goods through a hand-loading or picking system that helps to maximise the space available. Shelving is a cost-effective and straightforward storage solution in commercial or industrial settings.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking we provide a range of shelving units that are sturdy, versatile and constructed of the highest quality, with options like our boltless shelving units, also being fully adjustable. Each shelving solution supplied by MSR is built and designed to suit your needs.

Longspan shelving

Longspan shelving is a more cost-effective solution than a pallet racking system, taking up less space in the process both vertically and horizontally. Longspan shelving is suited more to an industrial shelving system, providing flexibility in adjustments to suit the configuration and storage height for an array of different product sizes and weights.

The long bays provide ample space for goods, with bespoke shelving options available for deeper products. The shelving bays are easy to assemble and are comprised of three elements: vertical frames, beams, and shelving panels.

At MSR, our longspan shelving units are fully adjustable and designed with a boltless shelving system for easy assembly, making it a suitable solution for any industrial, office or commercial environment.

Longspan warehouse shelving

This versatile shelving option is an ideal storage solution for a warehouse setting, providing large bays and durable shelves to hold weights of up 250kg. The heavy-duty shelving units are powder-coated and easy to clean.

Galvanised longspan shelving

Galvanised longspan shelving provides an excellent alternative to chipboard panels, ideal for food storage or damp environments. Most galvanised shelving options are boltless, with steel panel sections that slot into place along the beams.

Gravity flow shelving

Gravity flow shelving is a storage system that relies on gravity to assist in loading, organising, and retrieving stored goods or pallets within a warehouse.

Effectively a downward-sloping, non-powered conveyor, gravity flow shelving maximises storage and efficiency in a more cost-effective manner. This system requires less manpower or machinery to load and unload goods, moving the product along the unit using gravity and improving efficiency.

A more budget-friendly option, this shelving rack system offers high-density storage of goods and creates an easier work environment for workers to pick and load stock.

Gravity flow shelving systems

This option typically suits the ‘First in, First out’ inventory stocking method, as it allows for a continuous level of stock to flow, increasing productivity and efficiency in the process.

Gravity flow shelving can also be fitted with various accessories, such as rollers to help increase the flow of goods, entry stops and even linbins or tilt trays for additional storage of smaller items.

With years of experience and specialist knowledge, MSR can provide a unique gravity flow shelving system for you that will maximise the available space and increase productivity. We offer a sturdy and versatile storage solution that can be used as a racking or shelving system.

Bolted shelving

Bolted shelving is a durable and robust shelving solution, as the shelving units are secured to the frame of the shelf using nuts and bolts.

This system is most commonly found in an industrial setting, such as a warehouse or storage facility where stock remains constant; the large shelf depth offers excellent storage capacity for lighter items.

Bolted shelving can also be fitted with a variety of back and side panels to create a unique shelving solution that’s tailored to you. The advantages of bolted shelving include:

  • Can be converted into a multi-tier system
  • Perfect for lighter stock and archive storage
  • Storage accessories like back and side panels, dividers or trays can be added
  • Secure and sturdy
  • Increases storage capacity

While bolted shelving units tend to take up more space, usually being larger, they do however offer a significantly better cost-effective storage solution, being a cheaper option.

Boltless shelving

Boltless shelving units are popular as both domestic and commercial shelving units due to their flexibility, durability, and stability.

Boltless shelving units offer a system that is designed without the need for nuts or bolts. This type of shelving is constructed to be assembled with ease as well as offers a flexible and versatile assembly option with the elements of the unit locking together through a rivet structure.

At MSR, our boltless shelving systems are made of high-quality 12 or 14-gauge steel for the frames, giving the units excellent durability that is complemented by our customisable galvanised steel boltless shelves or particle boards, giving you options that can be tailored to suit your stock.

Although this versatile boltless shelving racking system can be used for any type of storage, it is primarily used in warehouses and factories dealing with bulk products.

Shelving at MSR

Midlands Shelving & Racking supply and install every range of storage solution available, completely bespoke to your specifications. We offer nationwide coverage and a fast and efficient process, perfected over years of experience. At MSR, we take pride, care, and diligence with every job that we work on.

Whether you are looking for the optimal shelving solution for your warehouse, office, or home, MSR can design, provide, and install everything you need so that you gain the maximum amount of space for your storage needs.

Browse our extensive range of shelving options today or contact us for more information.