Our Projects

Take a quick look at our projects that have been completed in the last few years by our team of highly trained fitters.

Click through each to find out in more detail how the project took place and the steps taken to come to the end result.

Boltless shelving in warehouse for the Electronics industry

Storage solution for pharmaceutical, West Midlands

Pallet Racking with cardboard storage boxes on

Pallet racking, Birmingham

Cantilever racking with wooden boards

Cantilever Racking System , West Midlands

Pallet Racking in warehouse

Pallet racking, London

Linbins and plastic storage containers on warehouse shelf

Shelving system, West Midlands

Our Work - Longspan Shelving

Storage fit-out, West Midlands

Narrow Aisle Racking in warehouse

Storage solution


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about implementing a specific pallet racking system for your business. Whilst there are other forms of commercial and warehouse shelving and rack shelving, here at MPC Systems Ltd, we are available to provide our knowledge and expertise to assist you in maximising your storage space.