Warehouse Racking Systems

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, we provide a number of different warehouse racking systems to help maximise your work environment whilst simultaneously increasing productivity. As one of the leading experts in warehouse racking solutions within the West Midlands, MSR provides the highest quality racks to enhance your storage capacity.

Our racking solutions are suitable for:

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Storing and stacking heavy goods

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Improving production flow

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Adaptable storage for non-palletised items

Types of warehouse racking

Pallet racking full of Merchandise at logistic warehouse

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is one of the most common warehouse shelving solutions that is used for heavy duty items and palletised goods. However, there are a few variations of pallet racking systems available. To improve the production flow of your warehouse or commercial storage unit, it’s important that you select the most appropriate type. Our experts at MSR are on hand to assist you with your requirements, as one of the largest pallet racking suppliers throughout Worcester and the West Midlands, we’re here to provide the best storage solution to suit you.

It is best to consider a few variables when deciding on the best pallet racking system that suits your needs. Whilst the size and the layout of your warehouse are considerable factors, you must also take into account the weight, size and type or shelf-life of the goods you stock.

Pallet racking full of Merchandise at logistic warehouse
Selective pallet racking in a warehouse

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is one of the most common storage racking systems. Its an adjustable system that allows you the option to ‘select’ a new beam level, easily accommodating the changes in size of stock. This warehouse racking system also supports the “First in, First Out” system; an inventory control method in which the first items to come into the warehouse are also the first items to leave. This warehouse shelving system is also one of the lowest in cost per square meter too.

Selective pallet racking in a warehouse
Cantilever racking systems for warehouse storage

Cantilever Racking

This warehouse shelving system differs to other options, purely because it’s a system that supports the storage of long or awkward items and goods, such as timber, carpets or metal beams. Whilst the vertical beams in a standard pallet racking system act as partitions for storing goods, cantilever racking provides an uninterrupted industrial shelving unit, due to the lack of no upright supports blocking the way. This makes the racking system ideal for warehouses storing long goods purely because of the reduction of obstacles for unloading and loading supplies.

Cantilever racking systems for warehouse storage
Interior of modern warehouse with Narrow aisle racking

Narrow Aisle Racking

Another storage racking system to consider is narrow aisle racking. Without compromising safety or productivity, narrow aisle racking can be implemented if space is limited to maximise efficiency, by positioning the industrial pallet racks as close together as possible. This system utilises both horizontal and vertical space and in concept, can increase the number of industrial storage racks you can fit into your warehouse.

However, this system can increase the cost upon implementation, due to the need for specific narrow aisle forklift trucks. Before considering this option, we recommend considering the design and layout of your facility as well as the types of goods you stock in order to fully benefit from this system.

Interior of modern warehouse with Narrow aisle racking

Warehouse Racking Systems Designed for You

Price and demand are rising for warehouse space. And so are material costs. To maximise the space in your warehouse, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. That’s why design bespoke racking solutions – so more materials (and cash) flow in and out of your warehouse.

Why design a bespoke warehouse racking system?

Increased SKU selectivity

Reduces damaged materials

Enables faster turnover

Maximise storage space

Decrease picking and loading times

Which system is best for you?

It’s difficult to choose a warehouse racking system. With so many factors (especially cost), you need to make the investment that will return long-term. We work with you to decide the best system for you - just give us a call!

For now, here’s our general advice.


Can your products fit on a pallet and have a short life span? If so – choose a palletized racking system. Not only are they cheaper, but their uniformity increases loading and picking speed.

Are all your materials oddly shaped? Choose a cantilever racking system. Their flexibility allows you to store those unusually shaped products whilst adjusting when stock changes.


If you’ve got more space than your SKUs, selective pallet racking gives you 100% accessibility. All your materials can be picked and loaded in your warehouse, boosting speed and efficiency.

More SKUs than warehouse space? Choose very narrow aisle racking. You can utilize up to 65% of your floor space, and with the right equipment, can reduce damages caused.


Very narrow aisle racking requires specialist equipment to operate. Specific forklift trucks, such as turret trucks and stock pickers, not only increase costs but requires additional training. Depending on your industry, the increased costs are minimized by the increase in the turnover of goods.

Cantilever racking may require specialist equipment too, given the odd-shaped materials. However, if you’re not looking to change from traditional forklift trucks, pallet racking systems will be the easiest to implement.

Benefits of Warehouse Pallet Racking

Installing the correct warehouse storage racking system to suit your needs and business is vital to ensure success and an increased production flow. Midland Shelving and Racking specialise in maximising commercial and warehouse space, in particular when space is limited. Pallet racking is frequently utilised to incorporate the height of the given space, for example, a warehouse unit. Using a rack shelving system can yield increased floor space whilst also increasing storage capacity of goods.

An additional benefit of pallet racking is the costs it will save you. Instead of relocating to another property or buying or renting additional units because of limited space and storage capacity, introducing a pallet racking system will offset these potential costs. As well as this, with increased storage space available, additional stock can then be taken.

Racking shelves for warehouses can also increase the safety of your facility also. A pallet racking system can create larger walkways and pathways for staff and machinery to manoeuvre in-between, as it will increase floor space availability, reducing the possibility of obstacles getting in the way. As well as this, a more efficient and more organised warehouse that is utilising industrial storage shelves reduces the chance of injuries to staff. With every purchase, MSR also includes an unparalleled pallet racking installation service that can bolt and secure your pallet racking system to your warehouse floor to further increase stability and safety.

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Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about implementing a specific pallet racking system for your business. Whilst there are other forms of commercial and warehouse shelving and rack shelving, here at MSR, we are available to provide our knowledge and expertise to assist you in maximising your storage space.