Narrow Aisle Racking

Without compromising safety or productivity, narrow aisle racking is an excellent system to maximise the floor space whilst simultaneously maximising the height at which goods can be stacked. Narrow aisle pallet racking can therefore increase the number of industrial storage racks you can fit inside your warehouse or storage facility.

By positioning the warehouse pallet racking system as close together as possible, this method is a highly efficient pallet racking solution. Because of the increased runs, a very narrow aisle racking system can increase the storage capacity of a warehouse and the goods stocked.

This pallet racking system requires specific types of machinery to operate to maximum efficiencies, such as a reach truck or a double reach truck. Because of the narrow aisles, these specialised forklift trucks are designed with a tight turnaround circle to justify the dense storage system.

As one of the leading pallet racking suppliers in the West Midlands, Midlands Shelving & Racking will create a storage solution designed specifically for you with our free design service. At MSR, we also offer an installation service that can implement a narrow aisle pallet racking system efficiently and safely.

Narrow aisle racking, St Petersburg Russia, yellow pedestrian stacker
Interior of modern warehouse with Narrow aisle racking

Narrow Aisle Racking Specification

Narrow aisle racking can utilise up to 65% of all available floor space with storage racks. It’s designed with precision while encompassing safety as it also incorporates the maximum available height of a facility.

With the pallets stored within a dense configuration, narrow aisle racking enables a more efficient production flow of goods whilst simultaneously providing a healthy rotation of stock.

However, this system can increase the cost upon implementation, due to the need for specific forklift trucks. Due to the narrow aisles and limited space available, reach trucks or in some cases, stock pickers, turret trucks or even swing mast forklift trucks are required to access the pallets.

These specialist forklift trucks are designed to operate in smaller spaces and are necessary for a narrow aisle pallet racking system. But by using specialist equipment, including in some cases automated systems where necessary, narrow aisle racking can provide increased efficiency in the production flow while also lowering costs in the long run.

Benefits of Narrow Aisle Racking


The primary benefit to narrow aisle racking is that it offers increased storage of goods and efficiency in the long run compared to other racking solutions. If a business is aiming to reach and maintain high levels of productivity whilst maximising a limited space, narrow aisle pallet racking is the optimal solution.


Because narrow aisle racking utilises the vertical height as well as the available floor space, it provides the capacity for increased stock in creating a high-density storage solution. With the smaller aisles, pallets are stored closer together, reducing aisle width and therefore wasted storage space by up to 50%. In this new system, every pallet is fully accessible when using specialist forklift trucks that allow for an increased picking speed.


When installing a narrow aisle racking system by Midlands Shelving & Racking, accident and stock damage rates are reduced are we ensure each run is installed properly and safely. We can also install additional safety features, such as a guide rail or wire that will help ensure precision and safety.


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