Pallet Racking

Midlands Shelving & Racking specialises in maximising a range of commercial and warehouse storage facilities. As one of the leading experts and suppliers in pallet racking systems within the West Midlands, MSR provides the highest quality pallet racking solutions available on the market, designed bespoke to you and your storage needs.

When space is limited, pallet racking is a popular option that incorporates the height of a facility in an efficient storage method. Using a rack shelving system supplied by Midlands Shelving & Racking can yield increased floor space whilst simultaneously also increasing the storage capacity of goods.

To increase efficiency and create a successful production flow for your business, it’s vital to install the correct warehouse pallet racking system. With an array of pallet racking options available on the market, Midlands Shelving & Racking are available to assist in designing a bespoke solution that incorporates the most suitable pallet racking solution for you.

Pallet racking in warehouse
Pallet racking with wooden storage boxes in workhouse

Pallet Racking Specification

As one of the most common warehouse storage solutions, industrial pallet racks are used for heavy-duty items and palletised goods. With a few variations of pallet racking systems available, it’s important to select the most appropriate system to enhance your production line and create the correct amount of storage for your stock profile.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, we specialise in the following racking systems:

Our experts at MSR are available to assist you with your requirements, as one of the largest pallet racking suppliers throughout the West Midlands. With other options available on the market, Midlands Shelving & Racking can supply and install any bespoke solution that can be created by our skilled design team. We have the capacity to also supply and fit:

  • Wide aisle pallet racking
  • Shuttle pallet racking
  • Drive-in pallet racking
  • Push-back pallet racking

Each system solves a unique problem that benefits a range of industries. With all the pallet racking variations, selecting the right system for you depends on your budget, warehouse, or storage facility’s dimensions as well as the items you stock.

Benefits of Warehouse Pallet Racking


An obvious benefit to pallet racking is how it will increase the storage capacity of your facility. In most cases, depending on the variation of pallet racking system you need, it can double the level of stock you can store. Being able to take on more stock can lead to an increase in profits.


One of the major benefits of introducing a pallet racking system is the overall cost it will save you too. With more stock space, you will be able to buy in bulk, cutting costs directly from suppliers. Once installed correctly, it can reduce the likelihood of also having to expand to another facility because of limited space.


Warehouse pallet racking can also increase the safety of your storage facility. The correct pallet racking system can create larger walkways and aisles for staff and machinery to manoeuvre in. An increase in floor space can lead to a reduction in the risk of accidents when items are stored correctly.

Lastly, pallet racking can increase the production flow of goods by increasing the efficiency of a facility. With better storage capabilities and better equipment to match the manoeuvrability of goods throughout, the overall efficiency will increase exponentially.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, our knowledge and experience within the industry are on hand to provide you with the best solution to maximising your storage needs. To find out more about our competitive pricing and fast turnaround times for delivery and installation, please contact us directly.


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