Shelving is a suitable storage solution for any type of business, warehouse, or storage facility and is one of the most common across the UK. At Midlands Shelving & Racking, we offer a variety of commercial shelving as well as industrial storage and warehouse shelving. Our experts are on hand to provide the best shelving system to suit your needs, and, thanks to our high manufacturing standards and industry expertise, our shelving has a very long lifespan. With durable frames and brackets as well as added adjustability to some of our models, MSR offers safety and flexibility within its options to suit you.

Depending on your shelving needs, you will need to consider first who will be accessing the shelves. If the shelving you require is going to be purely commercial shelving – where customers will be able to directly access shelves to pick products and goods – then you will need to consider not only health and safety concerns, but also the aesthetics. For commercial storage shelves, it’s also important to consider how much space your have available in order to implement not only the correct type but also a worthwhile amount of shelving units.

For industrial shelving solutions, such as warehouse shelving, it’s important to consider how much vertical space you have before deciding on a storage system. At Midlands Shelving & Racking, we also offer storage mezzanine flooring options for your warehouse or storage solutions. These raised storage platforms effectively offer an additional floor, doubling your storage space.

Here at MSR, we also offer a free design service to assist you in the best possible solutions to maximise your storage space.

Types of Shelving

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For more industrial shelving and industrial storage systems, such as warehouse shelving, it’s vital to assess the amount of vertical space that is available in your warehouse to maximise the space available to you. Heavy duty warehouse shelving, or longspan shelving, is a cheaper option than a pallet racking system and will also take up less space too. It provides you the options of stocking an array of different product sizes and various weights as it is designed for hand loading rather than machinery loading.

Heavy duty shelving is easy to assemble as it is comprised of three elements: the vertical frames, the beams for the shelves and finally the shelving panels. The shelving units are also adjustable, providing you with flexibility on the chosen height of your shelves, making this option versatile and suitable for all industrial and commercial environments.

Longspan shelving is also a sensible option when paired with our bespoke raised storage platforms, providing twice as much storage in a hand-loading system.

Row of Longspan shelving

Longspan Shelving

Gravity Flow Shelving

A more budget friendly option of industrial storage shelving is gravity flow shelving as it requires less manpower or machinery to load and unload, moving the product into the front position to be picked. This option however, typically suits the ‘First in, First out’ inventory stocking method as it allows for a continuous level of stock to flow, increasing productivity and efficiency in the process.

Gravity flow shelving can also be fitted with various accessories, such as rollers to help increase the flow of goods, entry stops and linbins or tilt trays for additional storage of smaller items. If you’re interested in additional features for your gravity flow shelving, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gravity flow shelving

Gravity Flow Shelving

Bolted shelving is durable and sturdy, as the shelving units are secured to the leg frame of the shelf using nuts and bolts. This industrial shelving system is ideal for warehouses or storage facilities where stock remains a constant size; the large shelf depth offers excellent storage capacity as well. However, the installation nature of the bolted storage shelves occasionally results in the units being difficult to dismantle and unable to adapt with ease. They also tend to take up more space, usually being larger in size but also offer a significantly better cost-effective storage solution being a cheaper option. However, with traditional bolt shelving units, there is the risk that the bolts will rust and corrode over time, especially if exposed to weather. This will lead to the shelving unit to weaken and pose a risk to safety if not maintained and cared for properly.

Bolted and Boltless Shelving with cardboard boxes on

Bolted Shelving

Boltless shelving on the other hand, is a form of industrial shelving designed without nuts or bolts. This type of shelving is constructed to be easy to assemble as well as offering a flexible and versatile assembly option with the boltless rack locking systems available. However, most options of boltless shelving require at least 2 shelves to support the frame to add to the stability.

Boltless shelving systems supplied by MSR are made of high-quality 12 or 14-gauge steel for the frames, giving the units excellent durability that are complimented by our customisable steel gauge shelves and particle boards, providing you with the ability to customise the size and weight capacity of the units. Boltless shelving units are popular as both a domestic and commercial shelving unit due to their flexibility.

There are also two main types of boltless shelf locking systems that is worth considering: keyhole and butterfly grooves hinges.
Keyhole grooves in boltless shelving possess shorter grooves and require heavier items placed onto the shelves to better secure the locking hinge system. This locking system therefore better suits businesses dealing with larger or heavier stock for additional stability.

Butterfly grooves however provide a more stable and durable storage solution for lighter products due to the nature of how the grooves fit together. This system comes with deeper grooves to better provide support for the shelving structure, better securing the horizontal framework better with its design.
Midlands Shelving & Racking understand the challenge in maximising your storage space and our boltless shelving units are customisable to suit your needs in any configuration necessary. Both units are protected with a high-quality powdered coat to provide further protection from damage and corrosion.

Boltless shelving with equipment on

Boltless Shelving