Bolted Shelving

Bolted shelving is a durable and sturdy storage solution, as the shelving units are secured to the leg frame of the shelf using nuts and bolts.

This industrial shelving system is ideal for warehouses or storage facilities where stock remains a constant size; the large shelf depth offers excellent storage capacity as well.

Due to the added safety feature of the shelves being securely locked and bolted to the uprights of the frame, industrial bolted shelving is a common option for heavier or larger items of stock that are hand loaded. The extra weight that bolted shelving systems provide, makes them suitable for long term storage. While bolted shelving units tend to be larger in size and take up more space, they tend to be a more cost-effective solution.

However, with traditional bolt shelving units, if not properly maintained as well as being used in the correct location, there is the risk that the bolts will rust and corrode over time if they are exposed to the weather.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, however, we supply high-quality sturdy frames and shelving and supply any necessary accessories to help protect your bolted shelving units that will extend their life expectancy

Full Height Cabinets Bolted shelving
Bolted and Boltless Shelving with cardboard boxes on top

Bolted Shelving Specification

An industrial bolted shelving option we supply at Midlands Shelving & Racking is minipal shelving. Minipal is a cost-effective solution, often found in warehouses and workshops. With a load capacity of almost 500kg, our minipal shelving is available in a range of sizes that offer great storage space whilst simultaneously being durable.

This sturdy shelving solution comes complete with a flush-fitting chipboard shelf with locking pins, designed to ensure that it cannot be accidentally dislodged. Other shelving solutions available at MSR come with either an open or clad frame. Our open bolted steel frame shelving options are the most basic and economical shelving designs available on the market and are suitable for general use. On these models, the backs and sides are open, with the exception of the cross bracing, usually found on the back or sides of the frames. This is designed to stabilise the shelving units.

The clad frames however are shelving units that are closed on three sides with steel panels. This is designed to provide stability and protection for the items as well as being an aesthetic appeal too. These units also come with a number of accessories to help enhance and create a bespoke storage solution for you, such as pull-out drawers (150mm high), general-purpose dividers that break up storage compartments and even garment hanging rail (1000mm wide and a choice of either 12.5 or 25mm in diameter).

Manufactured from quality steel, our bolted steel shelving at Midlands Shelving & Racking is designed for versatility and easy installation and can be easily adjusted or relocated. This type of shelving is not only durable and sturdy but can be used for various applications in a wide range of industries.

Benefits of Industrial Bolted Shelving

Midlands Shelving & Racking understand the challenge of maximising your storage space and our bolted shelving units are customisable to suit your needs in any configuration necessary. All our bolted options are protected with a high-quality powdered coating to provide further protection from damage and corrosion.

Bolted shelving is a cost-effective storage solution and is one of the cheapest options available on the market. Designed to withstand an array of different weights, our galvanised steel frames provide a strong and stable storage system.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, our solutions to your storage requirements will always provide you with a system that serves your business in a financially, safe, and environmentally responsible way. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in storage design as well as our knowledge of the relevant health and safety and industry standards makes MSR a leading supplier in pallet racking and shelving solutions.


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