Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is a form of shelving that is designed, as the name implies, without nuts or bolts. The concept behind the construction of boltless shelving racking is to be easily adjustable, versatile and easy to assemble.

Boltless shelving units are popular for both domestic and commercial uses purely down to their flexibility and easy assembly. There are a few types of bolt rack locking systems available at Midlands Shelving & Racking that offer flexibility and durability. However, most options of boltless shelving require at least two shelves to support the frame in order to add stability to the unit.

Understanding our client’s storage needs is vital in offering value for money when it comes to shelving as well as providing the most beneficial and practical solutions possible. Understanding the shelving that you require starts by understanding the stock profile you have.

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, our experienced team will design a system to ensure a safe, suitable and secure solution for you.

Boltless Shelving with cardboard boxes on
Man picking up items from Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving Specification

At Midlands Shelving & Racking, our range of boltless shelving is constructed from high-quality 12 or 14-gauge steel frames, giving the units exceptional durability that is complemented by our steel gauge shelves and particle boards, where each unit comes with the ability to customise the size and weight capacity of the shelves as well as the frames.

With boltless industrial shelving, our heavy-duty frames can withstand up to 650kg which is a suitable capacity for manufacturing, storerooms and environmental locations and industries.

Whereas our common standard boltless shelving options possess a weight capacity of 360kg, ideal for domestic and commercial settings. At MSR, we offer a range of different boltless shelving options, such as stockrax shelving, both standard and heavy-duty, wire shelving and the popular Euro shelving.

Each option comes in a range of different heights to suit your specifications and possesses unique shelves that cater to the product as well as the specific industry. For example, we stock a variety of wire shelving options, most commonly used in sterile environments such as bakeries and medical facilities.

As well as a standard fully adjustable wire shelf, at Midlands Shelving & Racking, we also stock sloping shelves as well as the lipped shelf, constructed with a 25mm high lip on all edges. Each wire shelf has a load capacity of 300kg. With its fast assembly and extensive accessories available to customise and create a bespoke solution for you, MSR has the experience and ability to tailor a storage solution to suit you.

Benefits of Boltless Shelving Racking

Our static shelving systems come in various shapes, sizes, and styles but one thing that remains consistent is the market-leading quality supplied by Midlands Shelving & Racking. As one of the leading shelving and pallet racking suppliers in the West Midlands, MSR supplies efficient storage to match your needs. With two main types of boltless shelf locking systems to consider – keyhole and butterfly grooves hinges – it’s important to understand which option would suit you best.

Keyhole grooves possess shorter grooves and generally require heavier items placed onto the shelves to better secure the locking hinge system once fully built. This locking system therefore better suits businesses dealing with larger or heavier stock for additional stability.

Butterfly grooves however provide a more stable and durable storage solution for lighter products due to the nature of how the grooves fit together. This option comes with deeper grooves to provide better support for the shelving structure, securing the horizontal framework better with its design.

By utilising boltless shelving for your storage purposes, it’s the perfect solution to those that operate a hand loading system or those with lighter and a variety of different stock sizes. The adjustability and versatility of boltless shelving, while retaining the strength of a standard shelving unit, makes it a popular option across an array of industries.


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