Linbins- Industrial Storage Bins

Linbins are storage containers that are available in a variety of sizes. Linbins work in tandem with louvre panels and are then known as a Linbin unit. Louvre panels are tall, typically steel panels with whole fixings for Linbins to be fitted to and serve as valuable and versatile storage units.

The fixing holes on louvre panels are positioned to be interlinked for a continuous run and are typically used for bench ends, sides of desks and the backs of doors. Louvre panels are:

  • Made from pressed steel for enhanced durability
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Suitable for walls, desks, workbenches, doors.

Linbin units are perfect for a variety of uses, such as organisation and storage. Linbin units can be used for a variety of things and can be modified to include louvre trolleys, shelving units, and rolling panels.

At MSR we have a huge variety of Linbin and louvre panels to choose from, perfect for almost every industry and storage space. We have a large variety of sizes to choose from to create the perfect Linbin unit to suit your storage needs.

Colourful linbins in Open fronted Cupboards
Blue plastic storage

Linbin Uses:

  • Temporary storage location
  • Moving stock to and from
  • Mobile picking areas
  • Additional capacity
  • Additional shelving
  • Filing


  • Freestanding for flexibility of use
  • Strong and durable steel panel
  • Finished with epoxy powder coating
  • Includes 2 braked castors as standard
  • Available as a double-sided unit
  • Large variety of Linbin combinations size and colours.

Each Linbin is manufactured using heavy-duty plastic, equipped with lipped edges for easy stacking and mounting on the louvre panel. Linbins are available in a huge variety of sizes and colours to create storage solutions that can adapt to your needs.

The variety of colours are ideal for colour coding and providing organised and effective storage solutions in every space. Linbin storage includes industrial shelving and can be customised to include up to 70 Linbins; perfect for every space.

There are many benefits to using Linbin units for your storage needs. The large variety of shelving/louvre options means Linbins are ideal for almost every industry. Additionally, the varying sizes and colours provide you with the option to create your ideal system, customised to your specific needs.

Linbin Varieties:

  • Economy shelving
  • Industrial shelving
  • Chrome shelving
  • Louvre trolleys
  • Freestanding louvre panels
  • Louvre panel trolley

Each louvre panel or alternate shelving option comes with sizing choice and customisable Linbin capacity. Alternatively, there is the option to build your own bespoke louvre panel and Linbin unit to suit your specific requirements.

Linbins and Linbin units make storage and organisation easy and convenient in any workspace.

Linbins are the perfect storage container for offices, classrooms, warehouses, etc. Bespoke customisation options, a variety of colours and sizes are available to create a unique storage unit tailored perfectly to your needs.



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